J. Richard Cheeks, PE, JD

Mr. Cheeks has received the BSCE (1970), MSCE (1971) and JD (2000) from the University of Kentucky. His MSCE emphasis was geotechnical engineering, and after spending his first 6 years of practice with Law Engineering Testing company in Jacksonville, Florida (1972-1975) and Nashville, Tennessee (1975-1978), he returned to Lexington to go into business with the State of Kentucky’s first private geotechnical engineering consultant, Mr. John A. Stokley, PE. On July1, 1978, Stokley & Associates became Stokley-Cheeks and Associates, Inc. Mr. cheeks continues his geotechnical engineering practice spanning four decades, and in 2000 he completed a JD program at the University of Kentucky. Mr. Cheeks has investigated numerous geotechnical failures and testified many times as an expert in those cases. Since 1980, Mr. Cheeks has served as an Adjunct member of the Civil engineering faculty at the Univerisity of Kentucky where he has led the seminar for seniors. Mr. Cheeks is a Registered Professional Engineer, a member of the Kentucky Bar and has published several papers in professional journals.